ITSJC served 1,851 Johnson County children in 2018.

Who We Serve

Infant Toddler Services of Johnson County (ITSJC) is an early childhood development and family support program serving infants and toddlers from birth to age three who have developmental disabilities or delays. ITSJC has provided early intervention services and therapies to eligible children and their families since 1992.

How We Help

ITSJC practices evidenced-based therapy that involves multiple therapists working together with the child and the child’s parent or caregiver in an environment that’s most comfortable for them, like their home or daycare. Working within the context of everyday family routines helps each child reach their specific individualized goals.

Online Screening

Do you have questions about your child’s development? Choose the appropriate screening option below and fill out a few short forms to receive information regarding further assistance:

Communication, Gross & Fine Motor, Problem Solving,

and Personal Social Development

30% of qualified children will no longer require services by age 3.

Serving Johnson County Since 1992

ITSJC is the largest early intervention program in the state of Kansas and plays an essential role in the Johnson County community. Last year, we helped more than 1,600 children. Of those children, approximately 1/3 will no longer need services by the time they reach school age.

For young children who may have few options for the early intervention therapy they need, the comprehensive and timely services provided through ITSJC are vital. When families, healthcare workers, schools or organizations such as Parents as Teachers® or Head Start programs report that a child may have a developmental delay or disability, ITSJC evaluates the child.

ITSJC sees every child who is reported and ensures that each eligible family receives the care they need free of charge. Why? Because every baby and toddler in our community should have access to the early intervention services they need to reach their fullest potential.

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90% of parents say ITSJC has helped meet their child’s needs.